If cancelled within 24 hours of your deposit being paid, your deposit will be held to put towards your rescheduled session, providing it is rescheduled within 30 days of your original booking. If you cannot reschedule within the 30 days or cancel outside of the 24 hour time frame, your deposit will not be held for a future session and you won't receive a refund. If you continuously cancel/reschedule, you will lose the ability to reschedule and will not receive any form of refund. If you cancel on the day or simply don't show up, a $100 fee will need to be paid before you can book another session.

Please be aware when rebooking you may be asked to pay the entire session cost upfront prior to the actual session date.


Deposits are non refundable.

No deposit no session! Your non refundable deposit includes the price of dungeon playspace hire. Deposit prices will be disclosed along with detailed methods of payment in an email. The cost of your deposit will vary depending on session type. Deposit payment methods include cardless cash and Beem It. Once the deposit has been paid the rest of the payment can be paid in cash or via Beem It at the beginning of our session.

Under no circumstances can you request or receive a refund of any of the session cost.


Please arrive freshly showered with clean teeth and fresh breath. If anal play is on the menu and you are experienced please prep appropriately. If you don't have any enemas/anal douches to use prior to your session, or are inexperienced - don't stress! I can help you with an enema once we begin our session.


I am available most days of the week, however my availability can fluctuate, so its better you request multiple dates and times that suit you and I will decide what works best for Me. Because of this, booking ahead of time is much better and will give you more flexibility with your preferred date and time. I operate between 10am-10pm and sometimes later if you have notified me within a reasonable time period.
Same day sessions are almost impossible, as I have a very busy schedule. Sessions requested within a few days of booking can be a possibility depending on content and length.



I will happily conduct sessions in hotels, providing they are in or near Sydney's CBD. They must be of decent standard - don't expect Me to come along to a cheap motel. If you would prefer a hotel based session please know that I take into consideration that you are paying for your hotel stay and I will deduct an appropriate amount from your session rate.

I do not do outcalls to personal premises. The circumstances in which it may be arranged are very rare, and are more likely in the event of multiple Mistresses being booked.



Please make sure to arrive 10 minutes before your session time. Any earlier and you will be waiting outside as I will still be preparing the space for our session. If you are running late, please let me know within a reasonable timeframe. Chances are if you are running around 30 minutes late our session can still go ahead! Just make sure you make it up to Me. If you are running any later you will more than likely need to reschedule, especially if your session runs for more than an hour. 
If you are brand spanking new to the BDSM scene, or have any hesitations - please inform Me within your email! We can dedicate some time at the beginning of your session to discuss details and answer any questions to help put you at ease. 
Aftercare is a very important practice of BDSM. Especially after exploring new kinks or after physically heavy or emotionally intense scenes. Time for aftercare is always included in session if you need it.


If you are really wanting to impress Me you can always bring a gift for your Goddess. 

A sweet, white Moscato with a jar of maraschino cherries to compliment the taste or a bottle of semillon botrytis to accompany our session is always welcome. Please consider buying a pack of Marlboro or Winfield cigarettes in Gold or Blue if a smoking session is your cup of tea!

Gift cards are a simple way of showing your appreciation without getting the wrong size or something that I wouldn't use. The following are some of My preferred stores:



The Stockroom

SAX Leather

Extreme Restraints


Agent Provocateur

Honey Birdette




Or if you prefer to buy Me something from My wishlist:


Uber gift vouchers also come in handy and are always put to good use!



All submissives, slaves and sissies are more than welcome to bring along any of their favourite toys, items, and clothing to use in session. Just ensure it is all clean and ready to use and bring along an extra bag to put used outfits in afterwards.

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Please fill out this form for any enquiries and bookings once you read the information above this section. 
Making a booking request means you have read and understood all of the terms and conditions in the above Session Information section.
Include your preferred session date and time, length and type of session, and any details about relevant health conditions.
No need to disclose your full address.

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