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Session Reviews & Testimonials


'Had a great session with Mistress Lauretta, she looks like an angel but gave a painful flogging, cbt and absolute humiliation. This was combined with forced sissification and finished with multiple golden showers. This slave was put in his place and went home happy in chastity.' - Sissy Scarlet

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'I’ve been in the bdsm scene for quite a while, but I wouldn’t consider myself a pro and sometimes I still need assistance from a Mistress with certain things. The session with Mistress Lauretta was really good and I can say that you won’t regret any minute you spend with her because she knows exactly what she is doing. I think being a Dom and in charge is part of her personality which is a bonus and she doesn’t have to pretend she is something she is not part of and she always communicated to make sure I’m okay and enjoying my time and I’m definitely going back to see her again.' - MD

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'I was scared at first, being that I was a newcomer to the whole BDSM scene. However, Mistress Lauretta ensured that I would be able to experience my fantasies and kinks in a safe and comfortable environment. Lauretta is also a big advocate for safe play and would consistently checkup if she was providing you with your fantasy in a proper manner. 

But don't let that fool you. Once the session commences, she is a strong dominant woman who will provide your satisfaction with all your kinky needs.'- First Time /submissive D

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'I had a great session with Mistress Lauretta X, I was looking for some humiliation and we had a really opened conversation about what I was looking for and I was feeling really comfortable all along the process. 

Without entering into the details I enjoyed being spat on generously while giving her a new pedi and had the pleasure to worship her feet before enjoying a golden shower that proves how well hydrated Mistress Lauretta X is! That was a pleasure and I highly recommend her to fulfill your fantaisies :)' - B.

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'I contacted Mistress Lauretta about a humiliation and degradation session and boy, did I get what i asked for and more!

After a quick chat about limits and safewords, She quickly got put me in my place with some hard faceslaps and repeated spitting into my face. Fitting me with a spider gag She then spat into my mouth which i was powerless to resist. Suitably humbled i was then given the pleasure of shining Her latex catsuit and giving Her a shoulder massage. As a rubber fetishist i was in heaven feeling the warm latex which sheathed Her deliciously curvy figure. The pleasure was all too soon replaced by more degradation as i was fitted with a toilet brush gag and forced to clean the filthy toilet. When that was completed to her satisfaction i was cleaned off by being sprayed with Her golden shower. My humiliation continued back in the dungeon where i was ordered to clean the dirt off the soles of Her shoes. My reward was to be allowed to lick the latex flavoured sweat, which had trickled down the legs off Her catsuit, off Her feet and toes. However this was followed by the worst humiliation of all, as i was forced to eat a tin of cat food from Her cat's bowl on the floor. Even worse, the cat food was covered in my own cum. The only thing that got me through this was the other bowl of Her warm piss that allowed me to rinse out the cat food flavour between bites. Pleased by my efforts Mistress gave me a final reward and i was allowed to lick every inch of Her latex suit from toe to tip, with the odd mouthful of Her spit to help me out. It was a blissful, humbled slave that left to get the train home.

P.S. Mistress was very safety conscious and ensured anti-bacterial wipes were used on each toy and surfaced we played with.' - Slave C

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'From the moment I heard the slow walk of the heels across the floorboards, the curtain was brushed aside and suddenly you want this delightful being to see how you’re willing to fall into Her beautiful control to be played with in the most natural way that you imagine.

Mistress Lauretta exudes femininity and beautiful confidence... She is from a bygone era of style, and is a prototype for the future of a world where women like Mistress Lauretta make the world a better place where playthings like me can feel like we have our natural place in the scheme of things.

Being prepared as Lola all of my senses were awakened and on a beautiful edge. Mistress sensed what Lola needed and that is what I adored. Her enjoyment to play with me as She saw fit, coincided with what she so beautifully sensed in me... that ability to mesh was so natural and intuitive.

Mistress desires fun and joy with where I craved to be taken. I loved being unwrapped to be Lola Mistress’s classy slut.

By the use of Her voice and elegance, the nostalgia that is Her classic beauty along with Her natural inner essence of dominance and intelligence with kindness made Lola crave being Mistress’s plaything.

I breathed in every word, every glimpse of Her beautifully composed appearance and Her connection with style.

I loved seeing myself in the mirror as Lola, wanting to be owned and taken as Mistress desired..being asked to practice a skill set to make me whole as elegant and naughty..

Seeing the delight as I submitted to enjoy becoming Mistress’s beautifully trained cock slut mindfully wanting to be that beautiful plaything for Mistress and enjoying being the slut that I crave to be as Mistress well knows.

I looked up at the gorgeous creature focused on me and opened my mouth to accept the saliva that Mistress dropped into my mouth and adored the attention.. I felt like I was being marked and owned the same as when lipstick was used to write slut on my cheeks and spit was used to rub all over my ass.

I was Mistress’s and I’d been marked with Her flavours and that moment I became her bitch to be utilised whenever and however She’d call upon me for Her or any other’s pleasure.

She also took Lola with Her gorgeous glee with a strapon that feels so natural to see on Mistress.

My greatest pleasure is to see Her enjoying my presence and devotion.

I feel so content in Mistress’s presence.' - Sissy Lola

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