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I conduct all my sessions using the RACK method - Risk Aware Consensual Kink.


I don't discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ability or experience, and I accept all who treat me with respect.


I will not do any sessions that include racial degradation or age play. 


Below is a list of services I offer with basic descriptions. The descriptions provided are not what my capability is limited to - simply inspiration to spark kinky minds if needed!


Various intimate services are available upon request.

Services: Services



Latex, leather, PVC, foot, boot, stiletto shoes, hands, nylons, tight laced corsets, smoking, human ashtray, human furniture.

I adore specific fetish requests! Whether it be the worship and adoration of my perfectly kept hands and feet, or the beautiful expensive pieces of fetish wear I own. It all just proves to me your pathetic yet (somewhat) humble submission! Maybe you want to serve as my ashtray, or pamper me with a sensual foot massage?


Cock & Ball Torture

Ball busting/trampling, genital bondage, weights/stretching, waxing, slapping, electro play, pinching/pegs/clips, flesh stapling, urethral sounding, orgasm control and denial.

Do you relish in the thought of me inspecting your genitals, only to pinch them in disgust with my long, sharp nails, whilst you await to discover what painful methods of torture lay ahead?
Fun fact: I am professionally qualified to remove hair in a few different ways, waxing being the most painful :)



Verbal and physical degradation, small penis humiliation, face slapping, spitting, mind games, objectification, CEI.

Do not tell me you have no hard limits unless you mean it. Verbal and physical humiliation sessions warm my sadistic little heart, and if you desire it I will head-fuck you HARD. I thoroughly enjoy dealing a good backhand, and have been known to feed my slaves dog food. So please - disclose your limits and desires for your own safety and enjoyment.


Anal Play

Strap on, dildos and toys, finger exploration, prostate milking, fisting.

Available for beginners, size queens, experienced anal sluts and anyone in between, anal play is a whole other world of erotic pleasure to explore. I thoroughly enjoy when my slaves are shaking with anal orgasm on the end of my cock, fingers or arm!


Impact & Sensation Play

Flogging, OTK/spanking, crops, paddles, caning, temperature play, electro play.

Imagine yourself quivering over my knees whilst I spank your ass raw! Pleasure and punishment collide in sensation play. My beautiful long nails come in handy for this style of play - pinching, scratching, tickling! A very stress relieving experience for the both of us.


Slave Training

Service submission, domestic duties, grooming and maintenance, toilet slave, session etiquette and manners.

Are you a simple slave who just wants to serve? I could teach you how to maintain my pedicure! Maybe you dream of assisting me with certain chores, or wish to prepare treats for myself and other Mistresses. Massages, collaring procedures.. perhaps you could assist in building kinky furniture! So much protocol, so many options.

Services: Services



Fictional characters, maternal figures, head Mistress, bratty school girl, secretary, librarian.

As a true rubberist I can't resist classic catwoman inspired roleplays! Roleplay sessions take on another level of fantasy play. The more information you can provide for your specific scene the better understood and tailored I can make our experience together.


Fluid/Messy Play

Golden showers, spit and phlegm fetishes and degradation, brown showers, Roman showers.

Its no secret I get off on spitting on people, whether its to humiliate or seduce, its definitely ranked high on my list of favourites. I am known for my ability to provide lengthy golden showers if preferred! If you have specific requests for Roman shower preparation make sure to include them in your email inquiry but please understand and respect my diet preferences!


Multiple Mistresses

Double domination, gang bangs, spitroasting, group scenes.

Have you dreamed of being dominated by not one, but two beautiful Mistresses? Perhaps you have always wanted a 3-way Dominatrix strap on gang bang? This can be the perfect way to create so many fantasies, not limited to, but including those nasty high school girls that bullied you relentlessly - probably for good reason. You may be interested in coming along to a Domina Parties event! Contact me for information about available Mistresses for private sessions.

Services: Services



Leather, rope, chains, restraints, spreader bars, handcuffs, genital bondage, chastity, mummification.

Bondage can be an addition to any service or a stand-alone experience. Some pathetic playthings love to be restrained and left alone to ponder spontaneous punishment, while others are deserving of being unable to flinch in pain when tormented. Long-term and short-term chastity regimes & keyholding services are available providing you supply your own equipment.


Smothering & Breathplay

Suffocation, face smothering/sitting, strangulation and choking, smoke, gags.

Asphyxiation by ass? Or might my elusive large breasts be the right tools for the job? The pressure of my heavenly body above yours, restricting your movement and breath.. Forced smoke inhalation could be fun! For me, that is - never for you.


X Dressing

Partial and full sissy transformations, training/advice, lessons, styling.

Whether you are interested in x-dressing for erotic humiliation, full transformations to show admiration for femme Goddesses or are just simply curious, x-dressing is one of my most requested services. I am a fully qualified hair stylist and makeup artist which goes hand in hand for achieving your sissification dreams! I am available for assistance in developing your own personal sissy style, I take great pride in helping and training you to become the best sissy you can be.

Services: Services


Sounding, genital pumping, piercing, catheters, castration, prostate milking and more!

I absolutely love medical fetishes and am competent in providing urethral sounding, prostate milking, and genital pumping/enlargement. However there are still things for me left to practice and perfect. If you would enjoy becoming a true test patient in the hands of myself and a medically trained Mistress for my education then do not hesitate to enquire!

Services: Services


Pricelists for virtual BDSM sessions and content available can be found here!

Some submissives and kinksters are hesitant to book online sessions, as they are anxious about the possibility of an unnatural connection due to the lack of physical intimacy and activity. Unfortunately with the internet now being flooded with online adult service providers, many of whom are unprofessional and fail to provide quality services. I can confidently assure that not only will you feel comfortable during an online session with me, but you will also be pleasantly surprised at the connection I am able to spark regardless of my physical self not being present next to you. I am very experienced in online/long distance sessions, as I have been providing them since 2016.

Types of virtual sessions I offer include SMS, KiK Messenger, Skype, and personalized custom video and photo creation. 

Services: Text
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